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Jayautsav - Celebrating the living traditions of Mahabharata

Jayautsav- celebrating the living traditions of Mahabharta
10 feb- 10th March 2011
This workshop was a documentation of Mahabharata by women of Mithila--- as it is percieved by women locally.
it was very interesting to project the local perspective of Mahabharta. Coordinated and concieved by Manisha jha,total fifty artists
from different villages of madhubani district participated in the workshop. some of the artists were Baua Devi and all her daughters and grand daughters,Bandana jha,Shanti Devi and her daughter, Urmila Devi and her Daughters,Chandrakala Devi, Ruby,Sapna,Vandana Devi,Mamta Jha,Reena Jha,usha,Sumintra Devi and some more..
Total six panels,on canvas of the size 22'x7' were prepared in twenty -fiv days
colors used -- acrylic colors

The whole workshop was sponsored by Indira Gandhi National  Centre For Arts, New-Delhi.