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Documentation of Oral Narratives from Mithila Region

Oral narratives are most important part of any culture. In collaboration with Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts, we documented Oral tradition of Mithila with the help of more than 200 woman artists from different villages of Mithila between 2006-2011. The main challenge in this workshops was to give form to characters which have never been made before like stories of Madhushravani, local interpretation of stories of Mahabharat etc.
The other challenge was to make 200 senior and upcoming artists work on one single panel together. It was also for the first time that artists from different caste worked together. More
than 30 panels of the size 22’ x 7’ were made during this times span. All these art works are in collection of Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts.

“Gunawati Nari” 20th Dec. 2006 - 9th Jan. 2007


A Documentation of great women of India in different periods who have contributed in development of art culture and society of our country. Some of the important women documented are the Bhikhunis, The Brahma Vadinis, Debators and scolars like Gargi, Maitri, Bharti all the women from Ramayan and Mahabharat. The most important panel documented is the invisible women i.e. Women as mother, wife & sufferer. This whole documentation is on five 18' long canvas panels and it is in collection with Indira Gandhi National Centre of Art.

“Kala aur Katha” Reconfiguring an Indigenous Paradigm of Empowerment in Women's Art in Mithila. 18 July- 8th Aug. '06

Documentation of Madhushravani Festival Celebrated by Women of Mithilanchal during monsoon season. Under Narivad Department, Kala Kosh, Indira Gandhi National Centre of Art,
Man Singh Road, New Delhi. Workshop was attended by 40 master craft women from villages of Madhubani District. The important feature of this workshop was that first time in the
history of Mithila Paintings woman from all caste i.e. Brahmin, Kayastha and Dusadh worked together on one single painting. This workshop is also landmark in making artists work with new material i.e. Canvas and Acrylic colors. It is an amazing documentation of Vrat, Kala aur Katha.

Sitayan - Documenting Ramayan from local perspective Janpad Sampada, Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts, 2008

Jayautsav – Celebrating the living tradition of Mahabharata, 3rd Jan. – 25th Jan. 2011.

Artist Baua Devi with her daughter and grand-daughter
Artist Shanti Devi with her daughter