I have been very impressed by Manisha’s ability to conceptualize and visualize abstract principles in such great concrete symbolism. I wish her a very bright future.

by  Kapila Vatsayan
Scholar and Founder Chairperson of Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts


by  Joseph Allen Stein

Very Colorful paintings which lets you to in our past glory and beauty.

by  Dr. Najma Heptullah
Former Speaker of Lok Sabha

I do not have enough words to praise artist Manisha's work. It is excellent with very wide visualisation and marvel of colors and forms. Wishing her with luck.

by  Dhansukh Bhatt, Gujarat

I am very happy to see an artist taking so much from her roots.

by  Arpana Caur
Leading Artist of India

I find Manisha as an immensely talented young artist. I'am told this is just a hobby with her though she is a practicing architect. I am sure she will go for in her chosen field.

by  Tapnesh Bhatacharya

Very attractive color combinations and well integrated - congratulations!

by  Kiran wadhera
Curator and Gallerist, New Delhi

Paintings of Radha-Krishna, shiva-parvati, Maa yashoda are marvelous. Words are not enough to express. It is beyond expression.

by  Mrs. Manjula
New Delhi

I enjoyed the exhibition and your personal touch! Particularly liked your Kohbar. I also liked black and white Ardhanarishwar and Kalpvriksha.

by  Sushmita Didi Sandhu
Journalist, Indian Express, New Delhi

Extraordinary art works, really enjoyable.

by  Nutan Gandhi
Personnel Manager, New Delhi