Workshops > 2009

Workshop with students and women artists village Bhojpandaul, Madhubani Dist. Bihar.

Since 2005 we have been taking continuous workshops with women artists in different villages of Madhubani Distt. We have been training, and helping them to stand on their own feet by sharing knowledge about good work, how to apply for exhibitions in different parts of the country, training how to sell their works. Since 2005 we have directly and indirectly hlep more than 500 women artists. We have created a bridge between rural women artists and the urban market.

Workshop with students and teachers at Vienna University-November 2009

We were really honoured to take one day workshop at Vienna University, Austria. It was the interesting to share knowledge about one of the rich folk art heritage of India. The students and teachers were quite mesmerised to know about an art which was evolved by women and still practiced by women without any formal training.  

Workshop with women and children at Village Bhojpandaul, Madhubani Dist. Bihar

With Students from different Universities of America-3