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  • The Village  Artist Info

    US $ 300.00   Item Code :   MCH12
    Artist :   Chandrakala Devi
    Medium :   Acrylic on Handmade paper
    Size :   22" x 30" Unframed

    Artist Chandrakala Devi has a very unique style of her own in Depicting daily village life,where animal and plants are part of everyday activity.This painting shows Typical life of a milkman,where he is taking out milk to be distributed in the village,while his wife is helping him.Best is the Expression of cow,who is looking very happy and loving.Behind you can notice typical house of a village under the tree. This painting is done on Handmade paper which is coated with cowdung first.The painting is done after the paper is Dry,Cowdung provides a typical Earthy texture to the Art work.

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